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As one of Romania’s most vibrant software developers, problem solving is in our blood. 99 Code Lines are experts in the software development process.

We work across multiple platforms and development languages to create cutting-edge software and develop applications for our clients all over the world.

Coding, working on your database and front-end servers, managing project and application development — name a task and we can do it with perfection.

Our team has your needs covered throughout–from research and design to the implementation and final testing of the finished product.

99 Code Lines is the one-stop address for your software and app development needs. Our services range from project management and consulting on web and Windows applications, Android and iOS, mobile cross-platform apps and much more.

Our goal is to deliver quality services on time and within budget, no matter how complex your project might be. Working with clients all over the globe, 99 Code Lines has proven time and again that we can consistently think out of the box to create software and app development solutions that keep our clients coming back for more.

Why you should choose 99 Code Lines?
One great team. Unlimited opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for help with planning, development, testing, or if you’d like to take advantage of our comprehensive consulting services, 99 Code Lines is your one-stop destination. And distance doesn’t matter at all.

Our team collaborates with global clients on a regular basis, and our language proficiency, especially in English, mean that we never encounter communication issues with any of our clients. To top it all JIRA and Agile work methods help keep us on-point, our work rate optimized, and our productivity at a consistent high.

Working hand in hand with clients in the USA, the UK and other major countries and regions, 99 Code Lines is constantly in demand as one of Romania’s leading app and software developers.

Our philosophy of offering high-quality service with extra added value, plus our commitment to deliver sets us apart from our competition. And coupled with the relatively low operational and development costs Romania currently enjoys, it makes for a sound business decision to give us a try.

If you’re looking for software/app developers that take the time to truly understand the clients requirements and specifications, and a company that shares the goals and visions of their clients, then look no further: 99CodeLines is the ideal partner for you.

About Our Company

We lead the way with our state-of-the-art product and application development, problem-solving abilities, and top grade project management and customer service skills.

  • Planning.
  • Development.
  • Testing.

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We build the plan according to your specifications. Regular meetings are the tool that we use to determine exactly what are your needs.


We use JIRA and the Agile method for better work rate & efficiency.

Our developers are always learning new ways to deliver the best solutions possible.


Their work rate and resourcefulness helps them deliver any project in a fashionable time with no disregard for quality

The testing of the application is done in parallel with development so issues are pinpointed and resolved early on.


This way the project will not require a large amount of extra time for testing.

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