99 Code Lines | iOS Development
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iOS Software Development

iOS Software Development

Apple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and a variety of other Apple devices. Based on the Mac OSX operating system for both desk and laptop computers, iOS comes with many attractive features, such as VPN support, wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, gesture recognition, integrated search support, PUSH email, and the Safari mobile browser.


As a team of full-service iOS app developers, we at 99CodeLines cover the whole gamut of development, from the concept all the way through to the distribution.


Our proven agile methodology enables us to deliver end-to-end products that completely encompass the whole range of iOS devices–from Apple TV, watchOS, and of course, iPhone and iPad.


Our in-house talent and experience have made us the development partner of choice for many global brands, worldwide businesses, and local companies. Our services offer a wealth of value, with attractive and easily affordable support and maintenance packages, plus upgrades to help you stay in tune with app and platform upgrades and updates.


Our iOS development services include everything you need to get your iOS project up and running, fast and hassle-free–from initial consultations to on-going product strategy, UX/UI design, development and testing, all the way up to the technical delivery.


We also take care of the App Store submission process with assets, descriptions, listings, and everything else our clients require.


If you’re looking to have an app designed and created for the iOS system, then 99CodeLines has you covered. We’ll take you through each stage of development until you’re 100% satisfied your app looks, acts and feels exactly the way you envisioned.