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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Here at 99CodeLines, we don’t just deliver on time, and within budget, we apply all our experience and expertise to adding value to our client’s projects. And Search Engine Optimization is no exception to that rule. We make sure our clients, and their products, are visible in all major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Search Engine Optimization can be a complex and complicated field but we are here for you. Our SEO strategies are focused on increasing the visibility of your app or website in organic search engine results. We take care of both the creative and technical elements required to improve your rankings, drive traffic to your site, and improve user’s awareness of your product in all major commercial search engines.


At 99CodeLines, we understand that good SEO shouldn’t just be about creating search engine-friendly websites. Search Engine Optimization is about making your site, and your app, better for the user too.


Traffic, Traffic, Traffic


Our experience shows that when correctly implemented, search engine traffic can be the cornerstone of our client’s success. We create the campaigns necessary for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. to drive targeted traffic to your website as well as provide exposure, publicity, and revenue like no other form of marketing.


True, there was a time when search engine optimization was all about web pages but with the insatiable growth of all things mobile, modern SEO needs to focus more on getting apps indexed in the search engines too.


This is where 99CodeLines’ full range of services, along with our holistic view of SEO provides real benefits for our clients. Whether your data is wrapped in a website or in a mobile app, our efforts and expertise go a long way to improving your overall discoverability on the Internet.


Our tried and trusted process of website optimization and application indexing are crucial components in making your project a success.

And rest assured, we’re right there with you, every step of the way.


Today’s big commercial search engines are a lot smarter and more efficient than they used to be. While major engines are continually working to improve their technology, there is a limit to how well they function. With SEO from 99CodeLines, your website, application, products and content will be positioned where it can be most easily found. The result is that you’ll attract thousands of visitors from all around the World Wide Web, offering a considerable boost to your app and website rankings.


The Internet has never been more competitive than it is today. But with a professional partner like 99CodeLines, you’ll have access to a team of experts that can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.


If you’d like to discover more about what 99CodeLines can do to help your project become a popular and financial hit, get in touch with us today.


Let’s talk about how we can help you!