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Web Development

Web Development

In the broadest sense of the term, web development is the process of creating a website for the Internet. It can range from the development of the most basic, single-page, static websites to the more complex web-based Internet applications.


More than ever before, having a well designed website is crucial to the success of your business. A website that truly reflects your brand, your values, and adds a depth of information to your products and services will not only attract visitors and increase your chances of getting to the top of the search engine charts, it will generate leads, lead to direct sales and establish your rightful place as a leader in your field.


99CodeLines takes pride in creating beautiful, fully functional websites that deliver real growth and increased sales to our clients. We understand that your website is the hub of your business on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce website, a stunning static-page or something in-between, we can create a website that drives your online presence and keeps your customers coming back for more.


The rise of mobile devices means websites these days have to face some very specific challenges. It’s not enough to simply look good on a desktop anymore. 99CodeLines’s expertise and experience in building websites that look great on any device will ensure visitors to your site are not disappointed. Our fully responsive website designs cater to mobile and desktop devices on any platform.


Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you design and build the perfect website for your brand.


We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our fantastic price/value offers that make 99CodeLines one of the best software firms in the rapidly changing world of web development.